PVC Ceiling Vs Gypsum

Считается, что монтировать гипсокартон на монтажный гипсовый клей проще, чем с использованием металлических профилей.
Но так ли это? Или оклейка гипсокартоном сопровождается своими трудностями?

PVC Ceiling Vs Gypsum

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I heard from the contractor that insurance companies don't insure houses that use the PVC ceilings (I say BS cuz thats what many people using these days), I havent got the time to call the insurance company but can anyone shed some light on this please. Also which one is cheaper to use PVC or Gypsum?Personally I would go with the PVC but since is moms money and she listening to what the fool contractor tell she I need a strong case to get she to use PVC

please help

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